I Wouldn’t Want To Be Mathew Wright
Peter Tseros

As a Crows supporter I followed the Gibbs attempt at trade with interest. Being under contract for a few years yet and one of the Blues better players, the move was bound to strike opposition. But it was lethal, suggesting there was some resentment at our luck on earlier trades.

Jacobs and Betts both proved winners, which probably sparked some of the resentment and mistrust. We have had a good run from Carlton trades going back even further to Kris Massie and Troy Bond. It sometimes happens that way with certain clubs. Richmond have done better in trades with us than the reverse. OTOH, I’m glad the Blues found a home for Sam Kerridge and Mattie Wright who’d both been unlucky not to get more opportunities with Adelaide. They’re both good players.

I wonder if the standards might have slipped during Carlton’s lean years. Troy Menzel, who many had assessed to be about the best of Adelaide’s trades in the wake of Dangerfield’s departure, did not play an AFL game. He did have an injury/surgery prior to the season, but a greater concern to the coaches was that his endurance/fitness was well below the standard required. I am in no position to comment on how things are run there, but if they are below par it might explain how Jacobs and Betts suddenly became competition pace-setters. I might have that wrong because I’d always regarded Eddie quite highly when he was at Carlton. Menzel might be a better test of that theory next year with a full preseason behind him.

Your general theory is right. You need to value the players you have.

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