Gorgi Krlev
Jan 13, 2017 · 1 min read

Hi and sorry for my tardiness in replying. I thought this contribution had ‘died’ just as the other one after an initial surge of (a limited amount of) views. But I still get the one or the other comment. Glad to see that a number of people, with whom I hadn’t been in touch before, engaged with this! Would be even glader if they’d also taken a look at my initial article. Not sure whether they did.

Anyway, I of course took your team’s lack of an immediate response as a pretence to write this up. So I should rather thank you than be angry about it. I fully understand that it takes more time to respond when the winter break is approaching and that it’s impossible to react to every message you get. Glad to hear that you found some of my comments helpful. I am keen to see whether and how you will react to them.

I wouldn’t want you to spend too much time on my specific commentary. But you made me interested in why you don’t think that 17 minutes won’t scare folks away, and whether this only relates to contributions with a large share of visual material or to short-story writing. It could be interesting for some others as well. So if you find the time, please get into the nitty gritty bits.

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