Gorgi Krlev
Jan 13, 2017 · 1 min read

Hi Jen, Thanks a lot for this thoughtful response and hereby also to the other guys, who’ve recommended the article or highlighted some of its contents!

It is good to learn that mine has not merely been an individual experience and that there are a couple of people and there might be more, who share the same concerns. I hope (though likely in vain) that this is going to change something.

I am not sure — in order not to say I don’t think — that stuff whose very existence depends on that it’s acknowledged, appreciated and shared (in the sense of both, embraced and diffused) can be ‘owned’ at all. For the acknowledgement, appreciation and sharing to work well, a platform with high traffic rates is of course beneficial, but only if it allows things to emerge, which are new and don’t follow the general attention-snatching pattern.

I don’t know whether or not Medium wants to be that platform — see also my questions to Medium Staff — or if writers with such aspirations would have to move someplace else.

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