Gorgi Krlev
Jan 20, 2017 · 1 min read

Thanks for your open words. Your criticism is taken and I agree that my post does not radiate with humbleness. However, as you might have seen, I pointed out that I was consciously being provocative, partly to make up for all the ‘qualities’ my first contribution lacked, that is any (or at least most) means of self-promotion.

The fact that you and some others chose to react to this, or even read it, shows that such means are effective and I am questioning whether this is a good thing on a platform that tries to promote contents. I’ve continued to do this a bit (provoke), for instance in reaction to Ev Williams’ post on his plans to redefine Medium, since I believe the ambition behind it is right and justified.

I regret if this has made a bad impression on you or others, but that appears to be the way the game is played and in order to change that it seems one has to play along. Although my hopes are to the contrary, you might find something condemnable in this too.

    Gorgi Krlev

    Written by

    @gorgikrlev. Heidelberg (GER) researcher. Interested in all sorts of things.

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