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and with a strong partner on board.

It’s now nearly one year ago, that Gorilla Funds has submitted an initial proposal for building the Gorilla Funds Fund Page Builder. With the occurrence of corona and the crypto winter I got cold feet. I was unsure if I can deliver what I proposed to deliver. Especially because I did not have additional sources of funding. So, I stepped back from the proposal. I asked the (that point in time) Melon DAO, to postpone the decision of the proposal — as I did not think the time was right. But this did…

Over the past few months there has been a lot of hype surrounding the Digital Asset Management (DAM) space in general and the Melon protocol in particular. Launching a fully automated, blockchain verified platform that enables users to deploy, track and manage their own investment funds opens the doors of the financial industry to a world of new participants. Investors and fund managers alike that may have otherwise been excluded from certain financial vehicles and investments are finally able to access and benefit these products. …

Paving the way to the future


Yesterday we at Gorilla Funds submitted a Melon Funding Proposal (MFP) to the Melon Technical Council. This is the third proposal submitted to the council and (with any luck) will be the next project to be funded by Melons governing board. In our proposal we define what we are hoping to achieve and where Gorilla Funds is heading over the next two years. We also highlight what we’ve already managed to accomplish how we’ll build on that success to promote the widespread adoption of the Melon protocol.

Built on Melon

We believe the…

This is a part Two in a series of articles. You can read Part One on querying the graph-protocol and making first contact with Gatsby here. Once you’ve read that, you’re ready to read Part Two.


In what follows, I will show you how to build pages for the funds on the Melon Network through a really easy-to-follow example.

Let’s build pages!

Step 1:

Gatsby lets you create pages from Graph-QL Queries in a really easy way. First you have to edit the gatsby-node.js file. You can find it in the root folder of your project. In this file you define what…

Funds easily accessible for everyone. That’s our mission.

Sometimes in life a tiny little thing happens — a little click — and then the path to the future is suddenly different.

For me that “click” was the article “Graphing the melon protocol” — published in September. You can read it here:

I read it, I played around with it

…and immediately I knew that I would have to get my hands dirty. Could it really be so damn easy? Yes! The Graph is amazing; it’s the perfect tool to query data about the Funds on the Melon Network. …

Hello, I’m Jakob Sievers, developer of Gorilla Funds, a new project which aims to make investing and redeeming in Melon Funds as easy as possible. Gorilla Funds is an early stage, work in progress, but in what follows I want to explain what Gorilla Funds is all about and where I want to take it.

The basic idea behind Gorilla Funds is:

One page, one fund — Every active fund on the Melon network has its own page on Gorilla Funds with all the necessary information, a clear overview and an easy UI just for investing and redeeming. One page…

Gorilla Funds

Your gateway to Crypto Funds living on the blockchain

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