Creating a Simple Website: A Gatsby Tutorial With WordPress and GraphQl

What is Gatsby.js?

Installing WordPress

Installing Gatsby

Important Installs in WP to Start Using GraphQL

A basic query

Create Pages and a Menu

menus in the MyQuery

Styling the Main Menu

import {createGlobalStyle} from 'styled-components';
const component

Create the MTB News Content Type and a Component for It

add_theme_support( 'custom-logo' );
add_theme_support( 'menus' );
add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' );

function create_custom_mtb_news_post_type(){
$args = array(
'labels' => array('name'=>__('MTB News'),'singular_name'=>__('MTB News')),
'public' => true,
'show_in_admin_bar' => true,
'show_in_rest' => true
add_post_type_support('mtb_news', array('thumbnail','excerpt'));
add_action('init', 'create_custom_mtb_news_post_type');

Create the WP Template to Render the MTB News Items

Completed website from Gatsby tutorial

Ready to Build Your Own Website With Gatsby?


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