Hotline Bling

How did the US Presidential election became an 18+ affair?

These people all have been having a years long ORGY,

Bunga Bunga like Berlusconi calls them.

not sure what happens behind closed doors but we all sure got well fu&ked throughout the process. just ask the people who sued Trump and the many people Hillary emotionally and physically attacked. i am motivated to write this now as the opening question in the last debade was : “how did the presidential election become an 18+ discussion?”

they have put on a ONE YEAR LONG FREAK SHOW digging each others garbage: who sent who an email, whose %$* went in whose *$$, who grabbed who, who didnt grab but talked about grabbing and who should REALLY be the one doing the grabbing … and we are forced to take role in judge who is less bad of the two in moral terms and better at hiding 33000 emails or 35000 court cases …

you have a WORLD CLASS FREEDOM to chose between this or that.

and the biggest irony is : both claim to be outside the “establishment”. what a big bullshit because you call it establishment, others call it ISIS, maybe one calls it the KKK because at the end of the day, there is JUST ONE establishment on planet earth and on it says “in God we Trust” on their promotional material. why else does it cost billions to run for the job. what exactly is Trump "bringing to the table"?

money money money — all is money , in the rich man's world

est. $5Billion was thrown by the candidates at this HUMANITY BIGGEST TEST in 2016 to pretend to make a “choice” between these two most detested Presidential candidates in history. i think the humanity has ALREADY with this reached a new low this week.

You know things have hit a low when the candidates do the famous Poor1 vs Poor2 trick. It's the oldest political instinct. You do your talking directly to the reptile brain who ONLY cares about survival. You turn on already desperate group of people to another group who is even more desperate/unfortunate. This is the dirtiest trick the establishment have been using to keep the tabs on humanity. At one time it was Blacks who were singled out, now it's Mexicans, it's Muslims, it's beauty pageants who gains weight…it's whoever. Look away and "as long as you don't challenge me, you guys go attack one another."

Plus as humanity we wasted ONE FULL YEAR of our attention averted from issues that matter towards a job that is FOR FOUR YEARS.

Can we just not flip a coin?

No seriously. It’s already proven by Princeton that what the senates decision has 0% correlation to public opinion and almost a perfect correlation with the lobby (money/establishment) want. So who cares if it's one or the other. It only really matters for them. The decisions are made behind scene any who.

Finally, the more we are forced to be divided into nations, into camps, into football teams, into non-natural race discussions, into political sides…. the more and more we are divided, the more and more we forget : we are all but same.