Treasures worth billions of dollars

Lost to the sea or covered profound underground, hunting down fortune may not be the least demanding of undertakings, but rather, as indicated by history specialists, the endeavors could satisfy. Here’s a gathering of the most fascinating genuine fortune chases and concealed fortunes that are still up for snatches far and wide. X marks the spot…

The historical backdrop of the developments of the past was rich — even regarding riches. Rulers, rulers, and privateers have known to have a lot of fortune that was frequently concealed to keep it from being plundered. Warring kingdoms chased fortune to make their foes powerless, and these fortune chases required disentangling pieces of information and settling confounds that were regularly unsuccessful. …

2019 is here and this year, permit the stars and groups of stars choose your vacation goals according to your zodiac signs!

With a gone insane year, we as a whole truly require some time out of our ordinary timetables and travel to faraway places to revive and rejuvenate our brains and faculties. On the off chance that you are a Taurian, you probably won’t care for the city lights and noisy music but spending some tranquil time in the midst of nature tuning in to the sound of waves or watching the stars. Correspondingly, an enthusiastic Gemini won’t remain at one place and would love to bounce around and enjoy history and culture of the place. …

There are two kind of people from the crypto world:

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Network of Decentralised Autonomous Tourism Marketplaces

For one ICOs work by the Event Pitches which are like beauty pageant contests where the founders are judged on “who can deliver the best pitch”. Here the founders spend hours in perfecting their narratives, appearances and actions with large numbers and the polished graphics and create a falsified bogus world. In most cases audience have limited information to validate, judge or compare.

While there are other ICOs that work by doing the real hard work on the ground, innovating, solving a real problem and building up the community. Definitely this takes time, and is the tougher option. …

Further to our discussion in part-1, today we discuss the second problem in blockchain scalability i.e. Transaction throughput

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Here we go!

Challenge 2: Transaction throughput

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More than an advisor for RTS Network team, Animesh Singh is a pillar to our company. He has been the goto person in all the tough times, where he has simplified our problems, pushed our limits and has always done what he does best for us, The Mindset Correction.

He is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Health & Glow, India’s most trusted beauty store since 20years and was associated with Jabong and Alshaya Retail at the key Business roles.

From his wealth of experience, Animesh will be talking to us about startups, and blockchain today.

Animesh, we heard a lot about you from our founders. Please tell us more about yourself.

I love to work with startups and with people who are passionate about what they are building. …

Breakdown of the building blocks and the bigger picture

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The RTS Network is building a general purpose framework of smart contracts and front end libraries for the purpose of deploying, operating, and governing marketplaces in Tourism. The network is powered by Ethereum, Sidechains, Smart Contracts, ‘UPort’, ‘Plasma’, ‘Aragon’ governance and the distributed file system ‘IPFS’.

Let’s dive in today in the simple breakdown of the RTS Network.

Our Vision

Everything we’re building is to challenge the current ownership structures of the Tourism communities and marketplaces. We are working to lower the bar of entry so any Tourism related Business can do this as well.

We believe there is a better world within grasp that will create a transparent and decentralised Tourism economy. …

Our journey that started last year in Gokarna, the coastal town of Karnataka, has now taken the shape of a technology that is going to disrupt and reshape the landscape of Tourism industry. More about our journey here.

While the market research and MVP around Tourism related services have made us learn how to harness the powers of decentralisation and network effects, was the first real glimpse of a better way to do things in Tourism; free of intermediaries and rent-seeking entities, a pure p2p market on the decentralised web.

Coming back to RTS Network.

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RTS Network is Network of Decentralised Autonomous Tourism Marketplaces which we call as ROOTS. ROOTS are Tourism related Places, Businesses or Marketplaces that exist as Decentralised Autonomous Organisations on the RTS Network. Anyone on the internet can utilise from a set of Smart Contract Templates to create and deploy assets with custom policies, and be the part of RTS Network. …

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Roots is all about making your journey memorable, and we do the same for young minds through the Roots Summer of Learning. We spend time matching our interns’ skills to the jobs we need, and make sure they get to experience the pulse of a startup. Mentored by the founders of Roots, the interns have the opportunity to hone their skills while also exploring new frontiers.

Our team of Super Interns are here to do just that.

Blockchain community created for students and investors as you.

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Invest in Blockchain based startups from World’s most brilliant minds

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Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to. -Richard Branson

The fancy office, the weekend swinging office meet-ups, the delicious food, Ping-Pong and foosball doesn’t really matter, sir! Everything above that satisfies you is nice, but this is not what we bring or give.

We’re young & passionate earthlings, a bunch of dreamers, changing the Tourism landscape, one city at a time.

We’ve smartly created the core of our culture to bring the best out of each other.

1. Be Limitless

You hold the responsibility for the tasks you’re expert at, but at the same time you are also involved in things which are of your interests but not from your domain. …


RTS Network

Tokenising The Travel Industry

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