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Limited Ad Tracking is off by default so this is something we are going to Turn on in order to Turn it off. All right so let’s tap back to the main Location Services menu then back to Privacy and then scroll to the bottom and tap Advertising.
· WiFi Calling — Turn it off here’s the thing all these things make it seem like if you turn them off then it’s going to stop working. Except it doesn’t stop working if you turn it off a lot of this stuff is just data for Apple, so I promise you that all these things are going to continue to work just fine if you turn them off it’s just going to save your iPhone battery life.
Then scroll to Significant Locations, tap on that and turn it off, if I had left it on for a week it would have my home address, gym, work and any place I’ve been so turn it off and you’ll have the option to clear the history there in case you’re freaking out which is pretty cool.So with Fetch new data is set to every 15 minutes which is good with Push turned off. I recommend always turning off Push as your iPhone will always be connected to your Mail Servers and iCloud and will always be requesting mail every second, whereas Fetch means that your iPhone checks every 15 minutes or 30 minutes or however often you decide.For instance it’s really weird when you’ve had it turned on for a long time and then you go to Significant Locations. It’s like here are the ten places you’ve been and I’m like wow I had no idea! It’s like a horror movie so let’s turn off Significant Locations go back to Privacy, tap Privacy in the upper left and scroll up to Location Services. Now scroll all the way to the bottom to System Services.

While taking this machine learning course, I realized I need to develop more statistics knowledge. I took a probability and statistics course in college. But that wasn’t enough. This course on Coursera helped me a lot:

There are a lot of boot camps out there, charges 10000 USD for their courses and just teach you the very basics. But they will sell you the courses by saying that they will make you a data scientist in 12 weeks or 4 months. Do not fall for those traps and spend your money there. If you can find a Bootcamp that tells you they will teach you programming and algorithms in 4 months that is the best starting point.

I secretly wanted to work in the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence industry but I thought that’s probably too…

Stripe changed all that by giving developers a quick and reliable way to set up payments. As a result, they built an army of champions for their product, effectively bypassing the “decision makers,” most of whom would have never believed that 7 lines of code can replace custom integrations that took up to 6 months to build.

“For years, the explosive growth of e-commerce has outpaced the underlying technology; companies wanting to set up shop have had to go to a bank, a payment processor, and “gateways” that handle connections between the two. This takes weeks, lots of people, and fee after fee.” — Ashlee Vance, Bloomberg Businessweek

Animating in Blender felt similar to animating with prototyping tools. Instead of artboards or frames, Blender uses keyframes (applied to properties) to define each transition. Transitions are automatically filled in between each keyframe, behaving just like Figma’s Smart Animate feature.Banks. Credit card companies. Regulators. Yes, the payments industry has…


Writing mostly to myself. Sharing some of it with you. Hope it helps.

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