Russians and sanctions

Note written under the impression of the article White House: Trump to sign Russia sanctions bill

Ukrain today. Hardline nationalists are those who came to power. Sepratists are those who chose the pre-revolutionary way. They do not consider themselves Russians. They consider themselves to be Ukrainians and want to live in Ukrainia, and not in Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (let’s talk about the history of the problem). Russia is a country that has supported the old way. The West supported a new way using the nationalist forces. And West West carries the idea that this is a battle for freedom. This is a provocation of war. The West justifies the war. The West supported those who first opened fire… There was a diplomatic solution, but the West deceived. I think Putin (the West prejudices Russia with him) considers himself deceived.Therefore Putin chose an equivalent answer — confrontation.

Go to the Crimea and see how people live. I think they suffered more from the sanctions, that is, from their choice, and not from the “regime” of Putin. 
Crimea is punished for its choice. Punished Crimean, not Russia. And the West believes that all residents of Russia must suffer losses in order to punish Putin.

That’s why the people of Russia do not like the West. Because the West is strangling them. “Thank you” West.

Of course, the original prosperity of people in Russia does not depend on the West. And blaming the West for all the problems is wrong. But let’s not confuse the problems. From sanctions, the development of key industries is hampered. “Thank you” West.