After a year of stop and go work, I have finally finished version 1 of my own content management system.

Thank you to Rodamer’s Landscaping for being the guinea pig.


The Rodamer’s website had been created in Joomla, a fine CMS with lots of good features, but a little too much to learn. I had to do some reading myself to figure out the Joomla approach. As I created my own CMS, I saw a lot of good things in Joomla. Still, my goal was to shoot for a bare-bones system that my client could use to edit the text portions of the website without much learning curve. I hope I have succeeded.

My CMS features the free version of the TinyMCE editor and is written in PHP with a MySQL database on the back end. I am using W3 CSS. Version 1 lacks a file manager, so there’s no way to create new directories or manage photos without actually logging into the web host, but I may add them. Template selections are also limited at the moment, but more will be added. What it does provide is a simple interface for editing text, uploading images and customizing color schemes, which is plenty for the trial run.

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