Generator Angular 2 CRUD

Two weeks ago I went to an interview for a new job position. I had to build an #angular2 CRUD with two entities relation with a One-To-Many completely functional, sending requests to a .NET Web API MVC back-end using Entity Framework Code First.

I started almost at 11 AM and past the 5 PM only had the #angular2 CRUD front-end and the .NET Web API MVC back-end, but without integration.

I spent a lot of time built my #angular2 CRUD.

Problem: Spent more than 6hr building an #angular2 CRUD completely functional.

Solution: Spend less than 10min building an #angular2 CRUD completely functional.

Conclusion: I have a problem building #angular2 CRUD and I need a solution to optimize my time.

How?: Building a Angular 2 CRUD generator taking a data model as reference.

And DONE!!!

Here the code and how to use it

If you have an interview and somebody says to you “build me a Angular 2 CRUD completely functional”, this is your tool.

If you want to create an Administrator Panel completely functional using #angular2 very fast for all your Entities this is your tool.