30 Days of Guided Meditation: First Learnings.

I’m doing 30 days of guided meditation & chronicling each of my classes here. This is a series to share lessons learned.

  1. Lots of grumbly stomachs. Watch what you eat ahead of a meditation class. But make sure you eat — an empty stomach is a noisy stomach.
  2. Finding your pose is a process. Everyone’s is different. Cushion, or no cushion. Blanket, or no blanket. Position of your legs. Position of your hands. By the end of each of my first three classes, my left foot has fallen asleep. This means I’m sitting incorrectly. Working through it.
  3. Sitting still is tough. You’re told to release all of the pressure from your body & really let gravity do its work. You’re also told to imagine there is a string at the top of your head, pulling you up. & to keep your back straight. While I’ve been okay avoiding temptation to scratch an itch or adjust my pose, I’ve noticed my back gradually start to ache, & slouch, during each session.
  4. Monday morning classes seem to be the busiest (morning) classes. Then throughout the week, the classes get progressively smaller. Reminds me of the gym in early January, & then gym three weeks later. I guess people are trying to clear their minds after a weekend of cloudiness, & fain focus for the week ahead.
  5. Meditation shouldn’t be pretentious. If it feels that way, you’re in the wrong place. Most classes, I walk in wearing joggers or gym shorts, with goofy socks on my feet & a hat on my head. You see a range. Work clothes. Drapey clothes. It doesn’t matter. Your eyes are going to be closed for most of the time anyway.
  6. It’s not all going to make sense. One of the first classes I took was pretty confusing for me. So, I just focused on my breathing, & that was fine. Breathing is soothing.
  7. You only get out what you put in. & it’s going to take some time to feel much of anything — it’s a journey. So, stick with it. Make progress, moment by moment, session by session. Enlightenment isn’t light work.