• Anne Aretz

    Anne Aretz

    think in theories, design lover, marketer, full-time baker. now just figuring it all out.

  • Carley Barton

    Carley Barton

    Writer of things. Previously @VaynerMedia + @SmallGirlsPR. Now: Copywriter at @GYKAntler — Follow my blog TheRenegadeRulebook.com

  • Kaitlin Nichols

    Kaitlin Nichols

    Entrepreneurial spirit who loves travel, startups, and tech.

  • Jason Loomis

    Jason Loomis

    I play some music w/ @Ibex, I work with social media @VaynerMedia, I drink whisk(e)y (preferably scotch), not a bad life when you sum it all up.

  • Ryan Romeos

    Ryan Romeos

    Social Media Marketing and Communication Professional, @USC & @CSUF alumnus, king of positivity, #socialmedia nerd

  • michael eng

    michael eng

    live adventurously

  • Alex De Simone

    Alex De Simone

    Business Development for @GaryVee and his properties | Hit me up at adesimone@vaynermedia.com

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