Note: In addition to being our imminent place of work, Hudson Yards is a client of Vayner. Doesn’t help or hurt my excitement, but it’s required I disclose this.

In May of 2009, Gary, AJ, & a few of us walked in to a small conference room in Buddy Media’s office & started to work.

Tomorrow, a little over seven years & six-hundred-some odd employees later, we move our main HQ once more (We also have offices in LA, Chattanooga, SF, & London).

It’s truly amazing how far VaynerMedia has come. Columbus Circle conference room to TriBeCa coworking space to three different offices in Gramercy. & now off to the brand-spankin’, state-of-the-art, largest-private real-estate-development-in-the-history-of-the-United-States, Hudson Yards.

In seven years of moments, this one certainly stands out as iconic.
It feels like the night before the first day of school. What am I even going to wear?!

Hudson Yards isn’t just a new physical space for us — it’s a new chapter. &, there is so much brewing right now at VaynerMedia, & always really.

We just formally introduced a badass COO (congrats, James!). Our CHO is doing her thing (woo, Claude!), a few months in. We’ve revamped our internal culture team. We recently launched a PRIDE initiative. We continue to bring on phenomenal hires, week after week. &, from top to bottom, we make real efforts to foster an open & exciting workplace environment — despite the increasing size of our team & distance between their mates (LA >>> London, woof). Oh, & we do great work for our clients.

Pair a fresh office space with all of the above & more, & you’ve got some serious momentum going.

So, get your shuteye, VMNY. Tomorrow, we say “hello” to Hudson Yards.