Male, 30, seeking epiphany (Brooklyn)

An update:

Five or so weeks into unemployment, & nothing major to report. People keep me asking my if I’ve had any big revelations yet. Nope. To be expected, I suppose.

My Instagram does a pretty good job of showing how I’ve been spending my time. Lots of beach. Some family time. Laying in hammocks. Hanging on rooftops. Biking everywhere. Living. I’m heading to Seattle tonight!

Overall, I’m feeling good. Here’s why:

I’m enjoying the moment. Time keeps going, every damn time. & it goes so damn fast. So, in lieu of having superpowers to stop time, I’ll enjoy my time instead.

I’m not putting too much pressure on myself. Haven’t been writing as much as I thought. No realizations. Not yet. But lots of good conversations & reaffirmations. & that’s good enough.

I’m trusting the process. I worked for eight years at one company. & then one day I stopped. It’s not going to happen overnight. & it takes work. & I need to put more work in.

I‘m just getting started. The first month was a lot of relaxation. As it should have been. Now, some travel, & some more diligence, & thought. & then, we’ll see.

More to come. More to come.

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