Stories from Eight Years & Two Months: Part IV.

Some fun ones, rapid fire:

  • VaynerMedia once appeared on an MTV show called Hired. We hired not one but two people, one of whom still works at Vayner.
  • In my first ever meeting for VaynerMedia, I flew out to Los Angeles for a meeting with Gary, AJ, & Jalen Rose at CAA. I showed up in suit pants & a tie — Gary & AJ were wearing hoodies.
  • There have been at least three Sam-related Internet “things” created during my time at Vayner: #SamSpotting, @samsmug, & Homeless or Sam. One of the three is flattering.
  • On a company retreat to Vermont, we all arrived around 11pm after a long drive — at which point Gary demanded we play manhunt immediately. So, there we were, hiding, running, & crawling around in the dark until well after midnight.
  • We once played Carrot Creative (now Carrot, of Vice) in a game of basketball & beat them by… a lot of points. Granted, we had a 6'8" former Division I college basketball player on our team — but he was a legitimate employee. I swear.
  • The entire San Francisco office also surprised me by dressing like me on my birthday one year.
The socks!
  • & I have a history of swapping clothes with coworkers (on Halloween).
Who wore it better?

After eight years, I’m leaving VaynerMedia. I wrote about it here.

My last day is not until Friday, July 28th. Until then, I’m focused squarely on Vayner. After that, well…

Read a great book recently? Listened to a stellar podcast? Working on something cool? Just want to talk? Hit me up. I’d love to connect… listen… share… help. How can I help?

[ on email. @gosam pretty much everywhere else.]

Much love.

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