The flexibility of the mind. (No one likes a cloudy day.)

As a teacher of mine put it the other week, think of your mind as the peak of a mountain, that reaches into the clear, blue sky. & your thoughts & emotions are clouds, that are just passing by.

A flexible mind is one that is open to thoughts & emotions, without reacting to them or acting on them — at least not without giving them some space, first.

A flexible mind is as open as the sky. & let’s the clouds pass by without interference.

I think it’s fair to associate the mind with the brain, & to then locate or position the mind inside of one’s head. But the reality is, that the mind is simply where you choose to place it. & we do have the power to control it.

Here. Put your attention on your left big toe. Boom, there’s your mind. OK, now put your attention on what you did last night. Boom, there it goes again. Now, putting your attention in a certain place then creates emotions & thoughts related to that place. It’s up to us to then create space.

I’m really good at building stories. Alternate realities. Creating heavy weather patterns, you might say.

The way to create space is to focus back on the here & now. The individual breath. This specific moment. Breathe in. Breathe out. When you do that, the sky clears up. The thoughts fade.

& when they come back, it’s easier for us to simply watch them pass.

Nomadic heart. These are thoughts.

Nomadic heart. These are thoughts.