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Production Updates

If you opted in to receive a beta unit, by now you would have received your beta Penny the Pig (or if not, your tracking number). Once you have your Penny you’ll receive an email giving you direct email access to us and if you’re on Facebook, you’ll be able to join our GoSavers group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/182874159318383/) and connect with other beta testers. If you haven’t received yours, please contact us by replying to the “GoSave Support Update” email that you would have received.

Some quick updates on Penny since the beta build.

Coin box

We realise the traditional coin slot function of Penny is quite popular. The white tube you see on your beta units was a last minute addition to provide separation of coins from the electronics. It was the only plastic piece that was not tooled up for mass manufacture, and as such it’s far from perfect and doesn’t extend all the way to the top of the slot (meaning there is a chance coins can dislodge away from the tube — so please be careful shaking these beta units).

We have since designed a large chamber that doesn’t require us to change any of the existing plastics. It’s a two piece design that meets in the middle, and provides enough space for loads of coins and without compromising the space we need for electronics.

Check it out below:

Product Enhancements

Despite just starting the beta, we’ve already received a tonne of offline and direct email feedback. That said, we encourage you to engage the Facebook group with posts and polls so we can better track feedback and promote an open collaborative approach. Some of the new features we’re working on include sounds and animation like below.


A number of parents have asked us to consider those families who don’t want to tie chores with money. We’re working on a Stars, so for each child set up on GoSave, you’ll have the option to pick currency in $ or stars. This will mean you can set your own value rewards based on stars earned.

Weekly (or daily!) chore list

Other parents have made it known that they don’t reward pay per chore, instead they have a list of chores that the child is expected to do, in order for them to get their weekly pocket money. This makes total sense, and we are working the logic to allow for this.


Last but not least, we’re excited to announce GoSave was 1 of 10 companies accepted into the Techstars Berlin 2019 program. Techstars is one of the best accelerators in the world, launching companies such as SendGrid, PillPack, Digital Ocean, Data Robot and many more. With an impressive roster of portfolio companies, we’re super happy we were chosen to participate in this exclusive program.

With the Techstars investment, a network of mentors and alumni companies helping us out, we’ll be able to cover off the all important aspects of security and privacy, particularly with the new GDPR standard in Europe, COPPA in the US, and tap into the burgeoning Fintech scene in Europe led by challenger banks such as N26 and Monzo.

The program runs for 3 months so we’re here until mid May, and have swapped an Australian summer for a German winter.

The plan from here is to raise some additional capital toward the end of the program to strengthen our balance sheet and be able to make some key hires to join the team.

For the full overview of the companies we’re working alongside as part of Techstars: https://www.techstars.com/content/accelerators/announcing-techstars-berlin-2019-10-new-companies/


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