Tooling has begun!

Sep 4, 2018 · 2 min read

Over the past few weeks we’ve been busy preparing for manufacturing and have started the tooling on our first character, Penny the Pig.

Presenting GoSave to a Brisbane investors, government agencies and corporates (whilst breaking the first rule of public speaking — don’t look at your slides).

Tooling is one of the first major milestones when it comes to manufacturing and means we’ll soon have the ability to produce Penny en masse. The trade-off is that it’s not cheap. Our tooling costs for this character are just under $50K and then there’s Astro and Uma still to come.

Nevertheless as our fundraising comes together we felt confident to make this commitment and have now started preparing Astro and Uma for the same process.

For those that haven’t manufactured before (and learning) tooling is essentially creating a mold in the shape of a character that works with an injection molding machine. Once the mold/tool is created you set it up and then let the injection molder work it’s magic.

It’s an exciting step for us, and in a perfect world we’d be tooling all three characters now but we’re pleased to be moving ahead inch by inch, day by day :)

In the meantime too we were lucky enough to pick-up another award recently — as, most innovatie product, at an event held in Brisbane Australia. Big thanks to our friends at Arc Incubator for organising this and for all the attendees that came along. The startup community in Brisbane is a pretty amazing place and for hardware startups possibly the best place in the country with Arc, EvolveGrp and others.

We’ll back in touch with another update soon.


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