Dating Nightmares!

Friends, I’ve just had the worst date ever!

I’ve been single for quite a while now and recently been hooked up with this guy, whom according to a close friend of mine is “perfect”. Well, the guy is indeed good looking, has a decent job and owns a golden retriever. Sounds good enough for me so when he asked me out for dinner, I agreed immediately. The first 15 minutes of our date went quite well, everything seems to be perfect until he passed me the menu and asked what do I want have. I was in the mood of having something spicy so I ordered Kimchi Noodle Soup (a very famous Asian dish) and then I noticed he just sat there quietly for almost a minute, then told me:

The guy: “It was my ex favorite dish”.

Me: Ok…

Before I can say anything he went on and told me that he had an ex girlfriend and they usually came to this restaurant since she loved the Kimchi Soup here and even learnt how to cook the dish for him. For the next 30 minutes the only thing he talked about all the memories they shared together and he could not believe she could leave him behind. Needless to say, you can imagine how the rest of the story goes. So here I am, at home, looking for others dates which are worse than mine (as a comfort) and came up with this list of dating nightmares:

  1. The first story that I stumbled on was on Twitter. There was this one guy, who has been single for a long long time who finally got lucky enough to score a date with a woman, whom according to him was out of his league. He was very nervous so his roommate decided to help by made him a mixed drink to loosen up before he went to dinner with his date. Not sure whether this roommate was trying to help or to sabotage the date, but he did “help” a lot by putting laxatives in his friend drink. The poor guy ended up in the bathroom the whole evening.
Just a friendly reminder to all of us

2. The next story was from a girl who got into a horrible date with a narcissism guy. He kept talking about himself , about how rich he was and he was always picky in choosing women (he thought that she could consider it as a compliment). When the waiter come to deliver the menu, he literally said that “I would choose for both of us”. I really doubt if she would give him a second date.

3. The last story I would like to tell and probably the funniest one is about a problem that many men have encountered at least one in their lives. It started with our guy going out on a date with a very hot woman, maybe too hot for him to handle since he pre-ejaculated in his pants which leaked on to his trousers. He knew what just happened, his beautiful partner knew what just happened and the evening ended with him making excuse to get to the bathroom.

Sources: Twitter and Reddit.

So, friends, do you guys have nightmare dates of your own? Feel free to share with us here or at our pages:




Author: A.H