Upcoming Movies You And Your Partner Will Not Want To Miss

2017 has been a great year for movie fans. We have already had Wonder Woman, Logan, and Fifty Shades Darker. But there are tons of fantastic films that are waiting for you ahead and here are some movies you and your partner won’t want to miss this summer:

1.Despicable Me 3
The third movie continues to bring us the adventure of Gru, Lucy, and their adorable daughters — Margo, Edith and Agnes — and of course, the Minions. This is the one movie that everyone can watches. You can bring your partner, bring your kids, bring the whole family with you! It’s always important to spend quality family time together and this is the chance to do it.

2. Spider-Man: Homecoming
Sony and Marvel’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming” continued to dominate social media buzz for the last few weeks. Even though it is another movie about this one guy named Peter Parker who got bitten by a spider and turned into a super human (we all know his story by now), it still manages to steal a lot of attention from the audiences. Why is that? Well, everybody loves superheroes, especially a young handsome one like Tom Holland. “Spider-Man: Homecoming” is perfect for young couples who are Marvel’s fans or just love to see a great action film

3. Pitch Perfect 3
Yes, the Bellas are back! Which means more songs, more covers and more “questionable decisions” made by these girls. We have to admit that the first two movies are a lot of fun to watch (they must be since Pitch Perfect 2 made $69.2 million on opening weekend while the original made in total $65m). Let’s wait and see what Pitch Perfect 3 could bring to the audiences.

4. Annabelle: Creation
The movie is a prequel to 2014’s Annabelle and the fourth film in The Conjuring film series. This is the movie, along with Child’s Play franchise made me never ever want any type of dolls in my house. If you are looking for a perfect movie for a date night then Annabelle might be a great idea since horror movies might cause couples to cling together in fright, which is the exact thing you might need if you are in the “friendzone”.

What are you still waiting for? Mark your calendar, prepare to grab those move tickets and remember to bring your partner with you.

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Author: A.H

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