Imagine the visual of your ancestors in chains 
I Don’t Write About Racism Because I Hate White People
Ezinne Ukoha

The Barbary slave trade between 15th and 18th centuries? America had white slaves before they had black slaves. Their servitude was also hereditary. What about the Irish slaves sent to Australia in the 1600’s? White people have enslaved other whites since at least the time of the Vikings. Every race has utilized slave labor. Every race has enslaved people of their own race as well as those of other races.

I feel that we will only be able to eradicate racism if everyone stops getting butt hurt and realize every single person is equal in the fact that we are all individuals and no one is the same.

Equal does not mean congruent. (same size and same shape, cha cha cha! Anyone remember this jingle?) Though, all races are congruent, shall I say, in the facts that there had been and will continue to be hell inflicted by at least one rotten egg from all races just as there will be those who work unendingly for the good of all races.

Our value lies in our differences. Our equality lies in our differences. And every single person has value, no matter their virtue.

Even evil has it’s unfortunate place. Without at least the knowledge of evil, how could we judge what is just and right?