GUEST BLOGGER: JESSICA HAESE — Moving Should Never Be a Box of Chocolates.

When I first interviewed with PockitShip, one of my best “selling points” to become the Director of Business Development was one very important, highly developed skill — I had moved over 35 times in my life. The truth hurts.

And let me tell you, I have seen and been through…it…all. I’ve used the expensive, large company professionals, low-budget independent movers from CraigsList, roommates, boyfriends with trucks, friends of friends with trucks, my father and his trailer (probably more often than he’d care to remember). I’ve even done it myself (more times than I care to remember). So yes, I know the drill, cold. It never gets easier, it just sucks.

We all know that there are these unavoidable annoyances about moving. It takes up valuable time and it can be expensive, even when you try to cut corners. It’s both physically and mentally exhausting. The list goes on and on. So when I saw that PockitShip was changing the way people move, I thought, “Wow, what a great idea. Anything to lessen the pain of it is just brilliant.” PockitShip had become an aspirin to the moving headache. Applying my expertise in the “field”, it was a no brainer that I knew the company was a great fit. And here I am.

So, as your designated moving guru and qualified expert, let me share with you my invaluable knowledge and save you from some of the pitfalls that I have learned to keep in mind when tackling the dreaded move.

  1. Moving should never be a box of chocolates. Know what you’re going to get. Do your research and check if the drivers are licensed and bonded. Is the company rated 5-stars on Yelp? Is it Better Business Bureau accredited?
  2. Plan ahead. Even the best movers need a little help from you as the customer. Measure your doorways and large case pieces. Provide the mover with as much information ahead of moving day.
  3. Expect the best. Want high quality service? Ask for it. But remember that being unrealistic can set you up for disappointment. Don’t expect that your furniture is going to get hoisted through a window if it doesn’t fit through the door. See point #2.
  4. Have a game plan and a back up game plan. Sometimes Murphy’s Law loves to show herself on moving day. Even the professionals agree, that you always need to think of the worst-case scenario and plan accordingly. This could look like torrential rain and hail just as you are carrying out your closet of clothes, or it could look like the previous tenants forgot to clean and left a dirty couch in the middle of the room. True story.
  5. Accept something will break. I promise. Get over it. It’s just stuff. If it is really irreplaceable, then pad the heck out of it and carry it like a baby. Discuss important things with your movers ahead of time so they know to take extra care. Don’t assume they know that grandma is in the vase on the mantel.

It’s universal that moving is terrible so try your best not to stress and think about the positive aspects of moving that it can be a wonderful fresh start. It could be worse. Even as I write this article, I am now booking my 36th move. Wish me luck.