GUEST BLOGGER: Pamela Sorensen — Why I Choose to Support Locally Founded, Owned and Operated Businesses

I have worked and lived in the Washington Metro area since 1994 after graduating from Penn State. This region is my HOME. This is where I have chosen to spend the majority of my time, talent, treasure and yes, where I have decided is the best place for my career path. For other tens of thousands who agree with the notion that the Capital Region is incredible, there are numerous reasons why (I started a blog in 2006 for that!) but I’ve realized over the past few decades, the amount of energy I’ve put toward supporting locally founded, owned, and operated businesses and organizations is — well — a LOT.

Recently, I counted the number of companies over my career for whom I was employed in sales/BD and realized that only 2 of them were not founded nor headquartered in the local Washington Metropolitan area. So not only by way of patronizing and partnering, but also through employment, I have a record of choosing to support the home team. But why?

1) We are truly fortunate to have a talented goldmine of brilliant entrepreneurs in both breadth and depth in the region who have chosen not only to reside here but to start (a few times for some) and run organizations and businesses (again, a few times for some).

2) The founders, leaders, investors, clients, partners all have inspiring and fascinating stories to share with us.

3) These companies and organizations attract the best talent, employ highly skilled professionals, and they train them to be the best they can be.

4) They make this market more prosperous in unique ways with new and interesting products and services, fresh ideas and mindful applications in leading edge industries.

5) They beam a bright light to the rest of the country (and world) which entice investors, media, and attention to our home front.

PockitShip, based in Falls Church, VA is one such story. This local startup employs an awesome and talented growing staff, who created a cool on-demand app that can help people move large, heavy items for retailers, and regular people like you and me with ease. The founders, Garrett O’Shea and Steve Senkus are afire with determination that this app can make life better and more streamlined for their customers by helping them move their apartments, stuff they buy and sell on Craigslist and more. They care about their employees, their drivers, their savvy clientele, and without a doubt, the future of the on-demand app industry. Having known them for a while, it’s apparent that they hold this region in high esteem. With companies like PockitShip up starting and making “moves” to change the way we live our lives here (they have plans to go national!) well, how can we not support, patronize and do what we can as well to keep our DC market rich with brilliant ideas turned real?