Encourage with a letter: Nguyen Van Dai

Nguyen van Dai is currently sitting in a cell in Vietnam facing the prospect of 20 years in prison. The morning he was arrested, he was preparing to meet EU representatives to talk about human rights in Vietnam. This was despite the fact that his work as a prominent human rights lawyer and campaigner had already brought him under attack from the authorities: just ten days earlier, Nguyen Van Dai had been severely beaten by the police after attending a human rights conference.

Dai’s wife, Vu Minh Khanh, has asked us to write to her husband. If he receives letters in prison, not only is it a huge encouragement to both of them, but it also shows the Vietnamese government that the eyes of the world are on Dai, even before his trial.

Mr Nguyen Van Dai

Tai Tam gia B14

Xa Thanh Liet

Huyen Thanh Tri



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