The (My) Planning Goal

What first got me into planning starts with where I come from. I come from the inner city of St. Louis, MO where most crime and poverty occurs. One day I was taken out to Chesterfield (a suburb outside of the city) where I immediately noticed that there were more white individuals in my one trip out there than I have ever seen in a lifetime. Also I noticed how streets, buildings and almost everything (besides liquor stores) were either cleaner or newer than the things I get around my home. This struck me hard and I never forgot that one moment. We moved several times throughout my high school years that forced me into switching schools four times throughout high school. These switches that I made me go through a 90% white school, a 98% black school, a catholic school, and a more mix race school.

All of these vast changes of races and environment throughout my life created a forever thought of how the world can be so different depending on where you live, what you look like, or what finances you have.

(Fig.1 Population black(left) vs. population of white(right)around my home)(

Once I reached UMKC I started off not knowing exactly what I wanted to do but I always held my passion for figuring out why people have to live the way they do. After a couple visits with my counselor I found the major of urban planning and design. After a couple weeks I learned of a website ( that answered a majority of my questions.

The diagram above shows where I lived in St. Louis. On the left shows the population of blacks alone and on the right shows the population of whites alone. This reality of the world is what keeps me going toward my career in urban planning and design. I hope to take my planning degree and work with many of the inner cities of the world to better improve the joyful life experience that we all want.

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