Beginning of my journey with programming.

Why I started?
- I knew that this is the skill of the future. Almost everything includes software to a certain point. If you have no idea about it, you might soon not be able to understand this world;
- It is useful and saves you time! I can build websites without paying the others. I can automate many daily tasks. I am much more tech-savy and productive.
- I knew so many software engineers who enjoyed it and I thought that they must not be all wrong about it :-).

When? - I started when I was 24 years…

Let’s get it started!

My name is Gosia Migdal and I eventually decided to start a blog. I am 26 years old and I currently live in San Francisco Bay Area with my awesome husband: Jacek Migdal. I work at Codility where I basically do … everything☺ I am responsible for customer support, sales and customer success.

At Codility we help companies from all over the world with hiring the best programmers. We provide them with coding tests which automatically assess programming skills of their candidates. This saves a lot of engineering time, because you can only interview the people with top scores.


Gosia Migdal

Psychologist, business developer and technology fan. Love travelling.

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