Beginning of my journey with programming.

Why I started?
- I knew that this is the skill of the future. Almost everything includes software to a certain point. If you have no idea about it, you might soon not be able to understand this world;
- It is useful and saves you time! I can build websites without paying the others. I can automate many daily tasks. I am much more tech-savy and productive.
- I knew so many software engineers who enjoyed it and I thought that they must not be all wrong about it :-).

- I started when I was 24 years old. I just have finished my psychology studies.
I am confident saying that there is never too late.
The oldest person whom I met started learning at the age of 56. And I believe that this is not the record ☺

1. In July 2013 I made the decision that for the next ~2.5 months I would learn to code full-time.

According to my experience, it is very hard to learn programming without your full focus. It is better to concentrate 10 hours in a row than 5 times for 2 hours. Why? Because it takes time to get focused and revise previous concepts;

2. I spent 8–10 hours per day learning. Apart from that I slept well, ate well and relaxed.

Many of us has the picture of the nerds who is coding until 4am. It might work for some people, but I believe that it is bad for your brain.

3. I started with HTML and CSS.
I know that you are going to say — “this is not a real programming!”.
And yes, I agree. However, it teaches you how to think logically and gives you immediate positive reinforcement which helps you to move forward.
I completed HTML and CSS courses from CodeAcademy and then TeamTreeHouse.

I built super simple websites at this point.

4. Then I learned some JavaScript and Python. I started with courses from CodeAcademy. Then I solved some challenges from CoderByte in both of these languages. I skipped the hard ones, because they were too difficult at this point.

5. I also played around with some tools. I set up GitHub account. I learned about it from Git course on CodeSchool, it is awesome! I also became familiar with JavaScript Developer Tools.

6. Last but not least: I had mentors and asked them many questions! I also attended programming bootcamp: Hackbright Academy (I will write about it next time☺).

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