Why a Clutter-Free Workplace is the Pinnacle of Productivity

Jack Michael Goss
Apr 3, 2018 · 4 min read

Who likes clutter in their life? Crazy people, that’s who! Though, it’s no secret that a clutter-free lifestyle makes for an incredibly productive one, particularly when it comes to the workplace.

Feng-Shui may seem like some spiritual mumbo-jumbo to most people, though there is an awful lot of evidence to support that the appropriate optimisation of a workspace can have a significantly positive effect on the way that a person works.

In this article we are going to explore the various reasons why clearing out all of your unnecessary rubbish will ultimately improve productivity in your office!

Clutter Increases Stress-Levels

For the most part, trying to work well in a messy environment is impossible. If you’re constantly trying to locate various items throughout your day, then it is going to slow you down and stress you out unnecessarily. Again, there are a few freak-cases who happen to flourish amidst a mess of clutter, though the majority of people simply cannot.

Walking into the office and seeing a pile of rubbish and paperwork all over your desk is an instant mood dampener. Encouraging your employees to regularly clear their desks and try to stay organised is an effective way of keeping them productive and inspired. They may kick up and moan, though ultimately, you’ll be doing them a huge favour.

Investing in quality office furniture with plenty of drawer space will also afford your employees the ability to keep much of their equipment and stationary tucked away neatly, though close at hand for whenever they need it.

A Messy Office Looks Unprofessional

Just imagine yourself walking into a potential client’s office for a meeting, their reception area is unkempt, and their furniture is uncomfortable — so far, you’re not off to a great start. Following that as you’re escorted through to the meeting room you spot a number of office desks which are littered with rubbish and clutter. This isn’t going to paint the most professional first impression for you at all.

That being said; it’s important to keep your office tidy not just because of what other people might think, but because of the way it effects your overall employee morale. If there is a culture of clutter and uncleanliness it will only get worse. Then, people will actively take less care of office furniture and stationary and will grow complacent in their attitude towards work.

People are inherently lazy. Unless you give them a kick up the arse now and again to keep things in order, they will invariably slip into bad habits. Stay on top of things and you’ll inspire a much more professional attitude among your employees.

Tidiness is a Lifestyle

People actively confuse being tidy with having obsessive compulsive disorder. Just because you want to live and work in a clean and efficiently tidy environment, it doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you. Not only is that, but it’s actually detrimental to those who genuinely suffer from severe OCD.

No, tidiness is a lifestyle. It’s a choice that one must make if they want to operate efficiently and appear to be so at the same time. Take pride in your appearance and that of your working environment and people will afford you more respect — particularly when it comes to senior management.

If you can’t keep your desk in order or you’re regularly having to borrow a pen from someone else, then that promotion is going to continue eluding you. The same applies to your life outside of work as well. If you can keep your home tidy, you’ll be able to keep your life in order as well. This encourages a healthier lifestyle with stronger personal relationships.

Tidy = Efficient

Again, finding certain items of stationary will be much easier when you don’t have to sift through a desk full of crap. That and locating important documents is never going to be an issue either. This translates will into the way that you organise your computer. Whether you work on a tablet or using a laptop/desktop computer, if you keep things tidy you’re going to work much more efficiently.

It’s not easy and it certainly doesn’t come over night, though with a little discipline and repetition it will certainly start to sink in, believe me.

Less Clutter Leaves Fewer Distractions

Being able to work comfortably with a pile of rubbish and clutter surrounding you is nigh-impossible. You’ll constantly have that nagging reminder at the back of your mind, chipping away at you until you eventually sort your workstation out.

When you’re trying to function efficiently and there are items and paperwork littered across your desk it will regularly draw your attention away from the task at hand. That and your pile of mess is only going to get larger, making it harder and harder to eventually tackle it and sort things out.

Do yourself a favour and stay on top of your clutter and you’ll feel much more able to relax and get on with the task at hand.

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