AviaMagazine is preparing for the future

photo: Sgt. John Gordinier, USAF
Lots of exiting new things are going on behind the scenes at the AviaMagazine HQ. In this blog post we will inform you on upcoming changes, codename AviaMagazine 7, which can be divided in two groups. First we are preparing for bigger screen resolutions and secondly we are implementing the GDPR Privacy regulations.


As screens are getting bigger and we’re currently support a maximum of 1280px, we decided to extend the supported screen sizes and make some design changes while we’re at it.

“In practicality we’re building the site from the ground up”

The redesign will include:

  • Support for big screens, 1440 and 1920px. The behavior of phone and tablet views are also enhanced.
  • Updated font sizes, page layouts, icons sets and color pallet
  • Updated article navigation
  • Added WhatsApp share functionality on mobile views
  • Enlarged photo’s
New article layout


The new EU privacy law, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be effective as of May 28. Our membership area will be affected heavily by these new regulations, so we decided to re-do this complete section of the side.

  • The site will be available in https, with the membership area being forced in https. We’re still looking into changing the full site into a secure connection.
  • We will be even more transparent with what data we have and how we use it.
  • To support the “right to be forgotten”, we will add the ability to remove your user account.
  • Technically we will encode more privacy related data in our database.

To cope with all these changes, we will probably disable the membership area for some time, so we can re-build it from the group up.