Camping Weekend

I spent the last three days/two nights car camping in San Clemente. A bunch of the kid’s school friends and their families got together as the last big summer blowout before school starts again right around the corner.

We arrived at the camp site on Friday afternoon. The camp is just inland from the world famous Trestles beach, connected by a 1.5 mile access trail. Early evening, I laced up and was joined by one of the other parents for a nice run down to the beach and chalked up 5km before dinner. He’s a triathlete and it was fun to learn more about his sport and experiences.

Trestles Beach

My air mattress decided to deflate in the middle of the night and as a consequence I didn’t get the best night sleep. Saturday morning several of us took a nice hour long walk back to Trestles to start the day. Later, we ended up spending the day at Califia State Beach, letting the kids play in the sand in surf. Late Saturday afternoon I regrouped a bit and put in a 5km run exploring around the camp site. Lots of ugly steep fire road/breaks, but got through it. As I was running, I could hear the Marines at Camp Pendleton shooting things up in the distance.

Exploring around the camp site

Sunday was a much better night, the result of using another air mattress that remained inflated. We packed up and got back to San Diego midday. After cleaning up and recharging, I met M for a sub-two hour ride around the neighborhood.

My right hip and glute are feeling tight — I hit the foam roller a bit and did some stretching to try and loosen it up, not completely successful in relieving some of the aching. I’ll have get on this further tomorrow.

It was a good weekend, but I’m looking forward to getting back on schedule for sleep, nutrition and everything else.

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