Flexibility is Key

Last evening’s workout destroyed my glutes. When I woke up I was immediately doubtful I’d get my planned workout in today (hill repeats and such were on the books).

Sled Dog patrolling Sunset Cliffs

I figured let’s try to shake it out, so I took Sled Dog on an hour walk this morning around the neighborhood. Pretty slow moving on my part, but it felt good to get out and move. By mid-afternoon I was still moving like an old man and made the decision to not run today. A training plan is just that — a guide, but in the end you still have to listen to your body and change plans accordingly. Flexibility is key.

After some debate, I decided to invoke Plan B and go for an hour spin on the bike this evening (Plan A was to do nothing). It’s easy to forget how often your glutes are activated while riding, particularly applying any power while in the saddle — that is, unless your glutes are shredded and every application of power is sharply felt and immediately shut down.

In the end, I felt much better after my ride. Still sore, but managed to get in some good hip stretches and foam roller action to wrap up the day. We’ll see how well I recover by tomorrow and if I can jump right back into the training plan.

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