Four days in a row

Impressive streak, now up to riding for four days in a row.

Monday I put in an easy hour on the bike around the neighborhood. I wrapped up the day with 2,500 meters (all of 15 minutes) on the SkiErg.

The knee was still tender from Friday.

This morning I had PT. More fun, as always. The knee extension bits were tough, but less so than previous sessions. I think the therapist was going a little easier on me, no complaints here. Fifteen degrees extension cold, ended up at twelve degrees after some medieval torture persuasion.

I was introduced to a new exercise today: “terminal knee extension”. It’s probably too early to be definitive, but I think is a good one for me. Kind of wishing I had been doing this earlier.

Mid-afternoon I snuck in an hour ride on the road bike, getting in a touch of climbing too.

The leg and knee is still wonky, tired and sore. Riding didn’t seem to aggravate it — if anything, it was a bit more relaxed and loosened up after.

The big magic of the cortisone is all but gone now, as best as I can tell. If things stay steady state like this for a while, I’ll be ok. The first hint of things getting worse (or not improving) I will be making an appointment to get the lubricant injection process going — see where that leads.

My goal is to keep the riding streak going through Saturday. Right now I am assuming no ride on Sunday, since I’ll likely be gone all day at the Belgian Waffle Ride, helping with support. A day off will be just fine then as well.

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