Hodges Vrooom

First thing this morning I went out to Lake Hodges to get in some fast miles on the cross country bike. My right knee has still been tight, although that has been getting a wee bit better over the past day(s). This tipped the decision in favor of riding over running this morning, to give the knee a bit more rest. It was chilly, but not uncomfortably so. Riding shorts, short sleeve jersey and windbreaker vest did the trick.

The battery on the Stages power meter was dead, so no data from that. In either case, I punched it pretty hard from the start to the dam and the resulting string of PRs verified the effort. I still have a long way to go, but the results were still satisfying.

As a descended from the dam, I started to shut things down into a more measured pace. As I was negotiating one of the fire road switchbacks, my front wheel washed out from under me and I took a quick tumble. Mostly dusted up, my gloves saved the day. I dinged my elbow and knee — nothing too serious and that a squirt of water couldn’t quickly clean up. It was kind of dorky, since it wasn’t like I was trying something hairy at high speed and messed up. Just another low speed, never expected it, embarrassing biff.

In all, I got in a little over two hours, with about an hour twenty at tempo pace. The mountain bike plan for 2017 is to move over from cross country to endurance, which means I need to up the training distances to prepare for races 3 to 5 hours in length (or even more!).

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