Long Run #1

Today wasn’t a long run per se (10km/6 miles), but the first in a progression of weekly, long steady runs, leading up to 14 miles over a six week period. My goal is to do all of these on the trail, or certainly as many as feasible. As such, it was time to dial up the closest trail that can provide 10km of terrain, Tecolote Canyon.

Secret forest smack in the middle of suburbia

Tecolote Canyon deserves a much more detailed write up at a later date, but I suspect it’s not truly known by many San Diegans. Those who are familiar with it most likely do not explore past the least attractive and interesting portion near the visitor center and end up missing the best part. The initial fire road and power line cuts aren’t all that compelling, but if one presses beyond those, the reward is immediate.

Pokemon Go in the real world. Gotta catch them all!

There’s always a reasonable chance of seeing some wildlife in the canyon and today was no exception. I came across a stunning coyote — we checked each other out for a few minutes. It looked very healthy with a full, shiny coat — not the usual scrawny and patchy fur. Apparently there has been good eating back there!

Getting it done

Overall it was a good run, refamiliarizing myself with settling in and going the distance. Near the end I was thinking how I only have to do four more of these to cover 50k and that didn’t seem like a wholly unreasonable proposition!

Tomorrow is a rest day, but I took the time to give the road bike a good wash on the off chance I feel like going for an easy spin.

Wrapped up the day with a quick foam roller session.