Push Through It

The sign wasn’t lying. Bees swarming nearby.

I woke up today still feeling Wednesday’s workout and if I wasn’t less than twelve weeks out from Lake Hodges, I’d skip the run today. Took the dog and kid out for a 30 minute walk this morning, still feeling tender in the glutes, legs, feet — you name it.

However, I need to start getting some miles in under my belt so I have a reasonable shot at not being destroyed in October. Suck it up buttercup and go hit the trail.

This afternoon I went over to San Clemente Canyon (aka Marian Bear Memorial Park) to get in my requisite 5km run. It was hot, I was moving slow, but got it done. The one thing nice about this trail is that it’s not completely exposed, having sections of shade to block out the beating sun. For the most part it’s all good surface single track.

San Clemente Canyon

To mix things up a bit I went up the Biltmore Trail spur, which is a spectacular sanctuary from the surrounding city and suburbs. It follows a natural stream for about 0.6km, popping out into a residential neighborhood.

Bridge at bottom of Biltmore Trail

The majority of the trail is a tunnel of shade, provided by the lush foliage (at least by Southern California standards).

Welcome shade on a hot day

It’s a gentle climb for the most part with an average 6% grade (the average is highly skewed by the very steep finish). There are two stream crossings on the way up, which can be slippery and challenging after recent rain. Today it was bone dry, so no worries there. Near the top, the climb starts to pitch significantly and devolves to railroad tie steps at the end, before dumping out onto a cul-de-sac with its adjacent homes. Further East, San Clemente Canyon has several others spurs like this, which I also recommend as well worth exploring.

All in all, happy to have put in the run and continue slowly building the base. I’m excited about tomorrow being an unstructured ride day — more time to spin out the legs and recover for a long run on Sunday.

Wrapped up the evening with foam roller and stretching, opening ceremonies for the Rio Olympics on in the background. Had a quick remembrance of my own experience being in Los Angeles for the 1984 Olympics. That made quite an impression on me as a teenager and is what propelled me into the world of cycling, but that’s another story for another time.

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