Trying to figure it out

This morning I woke up feeling ok. After an extremely light day yesterday I figured I’d be chomping at the bit, but my energy was just ok. Well then, loaded up the wife and dog and headed out to Mission Trails for a walk around the trails.

K9 Unit inspecting Mission Trails

Fortunately the sun was behind the high cloud cover for most of the 2 mile walk. The K9 Unit appreciated that the most, taking several water breaks along the way. Some good bunnies to sniff out and to try and chase as well.

I gave my Salomon S-Lab vest a easy test today, wanting to check it out as an option for Lake Hodges in October. It fits much nicer than my default Camelbak Marathoner vest, being much snugger to the body, while being very comfortable. I think I’ll start using the Salomon as my daily driver to confirm my initial findings.

My energy level remained low for most of the day and is ending up that way. I’m not sure what’s up — overtraining, nutrition, or ? I’ll sleep on it and see if any answers are forthcoming. Rain in in the forecast tomorrow, perhaps that will spice things up somehow.

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