Week in review

Wednesday I did the usual visit go GlideTC, but this time elected for the bike commute. We did a lot of upper body and core work and felt it during and after. I ended up with a little over two hours on the bike, stopping in Bonita at the far point for a quick Starbucks fuel up. That was fun to do, since I don’t do the coffee stop thing all that often on a ride.

Still booming a bit on the Sweetwater River after the previous rain

I also got my arthroscopic surgery scheduled for two weeks out. I’m hopeful that puts the gimpy knee behind me.

Thursday I drove up to LA for the second annual South Bay Posse reunion. Checked in to the hotel and got a couple of hours in before dark. Revisited old stomping grounds of the South Bay strand.

Manhattan Beach strand, Palos Verdes in the distance

Friday was the first reunion ride. The four of us headed up PCH, without any specific plan and made it up as we went.

Broken wheel at the base of Latigo Canyon. Uber to the rescue.

At the base of Latigo, a spoke broke in Lefty’s rear wheel, making it unrideable since it was rubbing the frame. We hailed Uber and sent him back to Santa Monica (closest location) for a repair. The remaining three of us carried on, up Latigo, down Kanan Dume and then up to Trancas for some lunch.

Lefty met us back at Trancas and the ride carried on. W headed back home, I tagged along further north until Yerba Buena and decided I was done and headed back. The other two maniacs climbed Yerba Buena and raced home to beat the sunset. It was a long day — out for six and a half hours, five of them moving.

Saturday we headed back up the coast, this time just three of us. Again, not much of plan to start, but with a playground like the Santa Monica Mountains, it’s not hard to come up with good options.

Kilometer markers on Latigo Canyon, courtesy of the Malibu Gran Fondo

We headed back up Latigo Canyon, this time lots of activity all around. The Malibu Gran Fondo was underway and this would be the last climb of their ride. Every kilometer was marked and even included chipped KOM timing.

We turned onto Mulholland, took the famous Rock Store descent and headed toward Piuma. I was feeling nauseous at the base of Piuma and almost bailed back down to the coast, but peer pressure got the better of me. In the end I was glad that was the case. Anyhow, we proceeded up Piuma to Stunt and down Tuna Canyon.

Everyone was pretty toast at the end of the ride. In those two days we chalked up twelve hours in the saddle, 150 miles and 10,000 feet of climbing.

We had a good time getting together and revisiting the old stomping grounds. Fun memories. Fortunately the drive back to San Diego was relatively speedy, since I was thrashed.

Today I woke up tired and took it slow. Went out for a lazy breakfast and refueled more. I ended up going out for a short 45 minute spin, getting lucky and missing the rain — although caught a bit of drizzle.

Sunny skies turned cloudy mid-afternoon. Islands in the background are Mexico.

In all, I feel pretty good and may be the fittest I have been in many, many years. This week I’m going to contemplate setting myself up for racing 4 Hours of Bonelli this upcoming Sunday. If that materializes, great, and if not, I’m sure I’ll figure out an other good option.

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