Learning A New Skill For Freelancing

Does learning a skill require you to go to school and pay a huge price to get the knowledge and experience?

It will most likely give you knowledge and theory, but for experience, maybe not as great as if you were studying and practising it yourself.

When learning any skill, we must be able to apply it to the real world to gain proper experience. If it’s all theory, you will get nowhere in your career.

This is why we recommend using freelancing platform as a tool to apply your skills that you’ve learned and improve it by working with clients to see what they want.

“But, doesn’t a skill require you to be good at it first before you begin selling a service?”

Yes, it does, but if you can understand the fundamentals and basic of a skill, all the technical and advance stuff will come down to experience.

The only way you can further your skills beyond the basics is to gain the experience.

If you are a student in college or someone who recently graduated, you will notice a lot of employers require at least 2 years of experiences.

Experience is key to anything you do in life, without it, you will not understand how the real world works, and all you will have are unapplied information.

Learning A New Skill Is Easier Than You Think:

In today’s world, you are not limited to just the education system and the library.

Technology has provided us with the greatest resource of all, the internet.

Take a look on the internet and use it to your advantage as a learning tool. The world wide web is your playground, and you can literally do anything and learn anything from it.

Free information and applicable information can be found anywhere on the web.

We like to coin the 21st century as the possible “Third Golden Age“. Anyone and everyone can and are able to learn anything they want.

Let’s just say you want to learn photoshop for example, unlike back in the old days of grandma and grandpa where books were the number one source for learning, we now have multiple websites and guides found on the web full of information that can be applied. It may take some time to find the right information, but so was finding the right books.

On top of that, you have videos from YouTube and other video platforms that offer tutorials while hold your hand guiding you step by step from start to finish.

In no time, you will know the ins and outs of photoshop and some advanced functions.

Choose a skill that you would like to teach yourself, and focus your time researching and practising it until you feel confident that it can be turned into a small business and eventually growing into a big business.

Choosing A Skill:

We hate to say it, but not all skills are made equal. Some skills will make more money than other, you probably already knew that.

Why is this true?

It comes down to basic economics.

If you want to sell something, whether it’d be a product or a service, you must meet a demand.

The more demand a service has, the more the skill will pay off.

So when you choose to learn a skill, be sure that it is in demand. Learning a skill that isn’t in demand will most likely be a hobby that might earn you a couple dollars here and there, but it will never boom you into a full-time business.

Many freelancers choose skills such as graphics designs, creative writing, translations, video editing, and much more.

There are many skills in demand that you can offer.

You should make a list and list at least 10 skills you would like to learn, and describe why, and if the demand is high for it. Slowly work your way down until you have at least 2–3 skills that you would love to learn and build your freelancing business around.

Spend several months learning and focusing on those skills and practice each and every day. It could take a year or more, but if you can grasp an understanding, it can be done quicker.

Courses and Books To Propel Learning For Freelancers:

The internet is filled with e-books and courses that can propel your learning curve.

Sites such as amazon offer a wide variety of books that can teach you a specific set of skills.

A plus side of sites like amazon is that it has a review system where you can read users who have read and apply the teachings from the book. This allows for a more careful purchase and finds the best information of your topic in an instant.

Unlike the old days of endlessly reading books to find the right information, you can find what you’re looking for and recommended in a few stroke of your keyboard.

Courses can be found on sites such as Udemy that offers a wide variety of courses that teaches you a skill. This is a great site for those that want to learn skills such as graphics design as you can see and follow along with the instructors.

Tip for using Udemy: They usually have sales upward to 90% off. Take advantage of those opportunities.

The World Has Become Easier, Act On It Now!

The whole world is connected. International business is on a rise. People are becoming aware of this vast opportunity to do business with people outside of their country, and it will soon be the main way of doing business.

Go learn you skill and freelance your business.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can develop the skills. Freelance is another outlet that allows you to develop and put your skills to the test.

Get paid to improve and help others.

It is a great time to be alive and be a freelancer. Start your career at www.gotask.co.uk

Originally published at gotask.co.uk.