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A dairy industry analysis using government data shows that Wisconsin leads the nation with 12,723 jobs supported by dairy exports.

When domestic consumption and the economic ripple effect to other industries is factored in, the number of jobs supported by dairy in Wisconsin is 230,000, according to a separate analysis.

Data first released in 2018 and updated in 2019.

It’s a quantifiable fact that the U.S. dairy industry creates jobs and its exports create even more jobs, stimulating local economies and generating billions of dollars in tax revenues helping to fund government services coast-to-coast.

We assembled reliable data from a variety of sources. We put it into printable, three-page state information bundles you can download and use for presentations, social media sharing and more. How do you do it?

Scroll to find your state listed in alphabetical order.

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An info bundle for the United States as a whole is directly below.

The longer tariffs persist the more difficult it will be to retain market share in the world’s largest country.

By Shawna Morris

After suffering three consecutive years of tight margins and a rural economy that never rebounded following the recession, U.S. dairy producers were hopeful that 2018 would bring a dose of much-needed recovery in milk prices.

U.S. dairy exporters were looking forward to continued growth in global sales after the initial…

NMPF’s Jim Mulhern says “Got Jobs?” campaign empowers farmers.

By Jim Mulhern

The newspaper headlines in 2018 have painted a grim portrait of the difficult financial conditions facing many of America’s dairy farmers.

The prolonged slump in milk prices we’ve been going through has taken a painful toll on farmers, raising questions about the outlook not just for individual farms, but for…

Christy Slay facilitates discussions between farmers, processors and retailers about sustainability.

Much of the tour of a dairy farm took place in the morning before it got really hot outside. Still, whenever sustainability researcher Christy Slay stepped off the air-conditioned bus to see more of the dairy farm, the sun was a factor.

Slay was glad to get in the shade…

The U.S. dairy products industry supports nearly 3 million workers with an economic impact of more than $628 billion.

Washington, D.C. — Most Americans know milk and other dairy products are an essential part of a healthy diet. But less well-known is dairy’s contribution to the health of the U.S. economy and the economies of every state across the country. A new storytelling campaign launched today by the U.S…

“Got Jobs” is a one-stop clearinghouse of information to help you understand how dairy creates jobs and exports create more.

Share the story. Use our resources, which include:

1. State fact sheets to quantify economic impact

From New Jersey to California, dairy’s economic ripple effect creates millions of jobs. Videos help tell the story.


Learn how dairy products pump $628 billion into the U.S. economy.

Arizona dairy farmer Paul Rovey is bullish on the future of exports.

A Nevada farm family illustrates how dairy creates jobs and exports create more, fueling the American dream.

Beranna Dairy in Idaho is an example of how 95 percent of U.S. dairy farmers are family-owned operations (courtesy of Dairy West).

When cheese buyers from China visit a state-of-the-art U.S. dairy it can lead to more U.S. dairy exports, more jobs and more economic impact (courtesy of Dairy West).

More to Come

Watch for upcoming videos showing dairy’s economic footprint in this space. You can also track on social media by searching for the hashtag #GotDairyJobs.

Got Jobs?

Data and stories showing how dairy creates jobs and exports create more.

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