It’s fairly easy to fall into the motions of daily life. Getting up, going to work, having a drink with friends, going to bed and doing it all over again. For the past year, we’ve been getting acclimated to our new jobs and learning how to be independent in a new city. Call it millennial angst, or post college blues, but no matter how many benchmarks we hit or accomplishments we achieved, there was always a tugging feeling in our souls that was pulling us to look for more. For an entire year, our lives felt monotonous. We took every opportunity to escape from our daily routines hoping to satiate what our souls were hankering for.

When weekend trips and new hobbies still weren’t fulfilling our need for more, we found ourselves constantly coming back to the dreams we had of seeing the world. Why escape our reality when we could go out and live it? What started as wanderlust conversations quickly became a plan. For weeks, we had talked about the countries we’d like to travel to, action plans for telling our jobs, searching for different ways to make money remotely, budgets and fees, would we really be able to do this? One day, we got word that prices for a one-way ticket to London were $130 and we thought, “Why the fuck not?” We struggled for a bit, the reality of our trip still not having sunk in. We tried multiple times to all sit down and plan out the logistics of our trip, but it felt uncomfortable trying to put dates on countries we had never been to before. Before we knew it, we reached a consensus that this trip wasn’t meant to be planned out.

From the day we stepped foot into academia, and then onto our professional lives, the biggest question has always been, “What’s your next move?” For the next 6 months, our answer to the world is, “We don’t know, but we’re excited to find out.” In a world that conditions us to strategically plan everything, our biggest protest is living in the present and relinquishing our obsession with the future. Because, why the fuck not?

Join us as we navigate the ins and outs of traveling as young women of color. We’re going to share our failures, struggles, secrets to traveling, big wins, life-changing moments, and most importantly, the beauty of being human. If you want to meet up with us, or have any travel suggestions/ places we can crash at, let us know! While we are the ones that will be doing the traveling, we hope that our experience and knowledge gained will be shared with our friends, family, and strangers alike. Everyone deserves to travel. Everyone deserves to discover what makes them great. The world is our playground. We are ready to explore it.


Chelsea & Tien

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