GoTeeOff Ventures, a Singapore based technology company to launch world’s first ever AI & Blockchain integrated GOLF FOCUSED Travel Platform.

Individuals from 3 countries Thailand, South Korea & India have come together as a team which has brought experience from a range of industries covering textiles, cosmetics & healthcare products, agro-commodities, sports equipment, travel & tourism, finance & banking, telecommunications & consultations and mentoring to startups along with service provision to SME, PLC and MNC clients covering a wide spectrum of industries.

The latest venture of this multinational team is GoTeeOff; which had been put together by the Founder under the 2018–20 diversification plan where in a further expansion in the golf industry was envisioned. Having represented leading golf equipment suppliers from a number of countries while simultaneously playing the role of a leading consultant for the Thai golf industry in collaboration with the Thailand PGA as an authorized consultant, we have gained valuable experience of the golf business. Jointly operating a golf academy run by a PGAs of Europe certified professional from 2016 also has added immense value to our knowledge and client base.

Online golf booking services have been around for a while, albeit leading golf media houses such as the Golf Channel and who do provide online booking services for T-times and others such as provide golf holiday packages, are still heavily dependent on offline bookings and offer not many ‘real-time’ online options. With detailed surveys and market research of over 3 years, we have set up the foundation of entering in to the online arena specifically focusing on the golf industry and its related tourism activities. GoTeeOff aims to become a ‘One Stop Solution — from the T to the Cup & Beyond’ by servicing the clients with the ease of using a simple yet robust online booking platform. An umbrella of 6 verticals will be supported by a regional golf league running across 20 countries featuring 7 different types of events & tournaments along with tourism packages for non-golfs as well.

No matter how much any business plan focuses on the ONLINE services to the clients, there shall always remain a strong residual necessity for offline customer support. Therefore, we have planned to establish operations centers for the Far Eastern countries in South Korea and we shall also establish a customer care center in Philippines to cater to the South East Asian and the Oceania markets. Our operations & customer care center for the MENA and South Asian regions will be located in India along side our already set up TechDev team. An executive team hailing from 5 nationalities with an average experience of over 15 years is dedicated working towards the success of the long term business goals of the company.

Value addition for the brand image and its reputation as a leading service provider the golfing world, GoTeeOff shall further solicit extensive support & accreditation from the concerned associations both in the golf and the broader tourism sectors of each country starting with Thailand, South Korea & India. This shall equivocally support our online GTO platform and the AEC+10 regional golf league vision.

As we step in to the IoT business with GoTeeOff, our vision is also very clear to make the system as decentralized and cost effective as as possible. Integrating with the most reliable and futuristic AI & Blockchain technology partners shall lower the costs of operations for the vendors and help save a substantial amount to the consumers on their golfing costs.



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