Just an FYI in case anyone’s watching; I’m moving all my writing to my own blog:

There’s a few reasons for this which I won’t expand on here.

But suffice to say, the blog is where you’ll find me, and content on Medium is being shifted a page at a time to the new site.

And yes, I know Medium.com has an export function. I’ve used it. It’s rubbish. That’s because it doesn’t just copy the text, it copies all the HTML tags as well, and they’re messy as hell. It also DOES NOT copy images.

How to get out of a contract you didn’t sign

Wait! Before you start…

Go back and Read Part One!

Where are things now?

The TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) version is this:

  • Adobe support offered 2 months free on the account;
  • Fee-Free Cancellation was only available AFTER one last fee which would be paid in November;
  • The 2 months free offer was time-limited (i.e., Only Available Right Then);
  • I refused the offer and said I’d consult with someone (i.e., ACCC);
  • At which point they were very apologetic and could now cancel the account on the spot. And I have the email to prove it.
That was a lot of work

This took most of an hour on the support chat to resolve, and…

How “obligation free” turns into cash.

I signed up for an ongoing account with Adobe Stock photos late last year for a web design project.

I took the “obligation free” 10 assets per month subscription listed on the Plans page:

The project has been over for a few months and so I thought I’d cancel the account which was pulling just under $40AUD/month.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this blast from the past.

An actual honest-to-god cancellation fee on an online account.

Why is this a dark pattern?

The cancellation fee panel says this:

As part of the original subscribed agreement, this fee will apply if you cancel now and end…

Lockdown jobs part two

I’ve largely completed the music tagging, and for the most part, Mp3tag worked the best.

Movie tagging is a little more fraught however.

I’ve tried out a few alternatives but none have worked out:

  • plex — couldn’t even get this to start. Created an account, downloaded the plex server. It booted me out on login.
  • metaX — looked ok until Acronis detected malware, so this was uninstalled very quickly.
  • kodi — there’s an add-on tagger, BUT it puts the tags in an external file, not the file itself. This means it works great in Kodi but not anywhere else.


I’ve found Mozilla app icons have disappeared when I open Thunderbird (email) and Firefox (web browser) in Windows 10.

The fix was quite simple in the end.

  • Open the start menu programs folder
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
  • RH-click the application shortcut and choose Properties > Shortcut > Change Icon.
Two icons to choose from, but there can be only one that renders in the taskbar…
  • Select your icon and click OK > OK

It may take a couple of goes to get this right. I found two icons for Thunderbird, the first renders as a blank document in the Taskbar, but the second displays correctly.

And if that doesn’t work…

I also tried these instructions to fix the taskbar. …

Lockdown jobs

Melbourne’s in lockdown again, and I’ve got all the toilet paper I need.

So it’s time to fix my music library, the one that’s been butchered by iTunes, Groove Music and two decades of attempts to fix the metadata and cover art.

What about music subscriptions?

Why don’t I just subscribe to Spotify and Apple Music and get all the music I can eat for a small monthly fee? Well, there’s three reasons I’m not doing that:

  • The services don’t include everything
  • They monitor my activity like I’m a bug under a microscope
  • They’re prone to disappearing without trace when the company grows bored…

The one Bunnings Warehouse wouldn’t publish

I bought a cutting knife from Bunnings:


They asked for a review, so I gave one.

Should’ve bought the original retractable Stanley

The tool has two design issues. First is the packing which is locked under the center screw and leaves sharp edges when pulled off the knife as directed; it took five minutes with a pair of wire cutters to get it out. Second, the blade must be installed and removed by hand. It’s both unsafe to leave it in after use, and will damage other tools if left exposed in a box.

And I sent it off and…

Adventures in ADHD

I use several methods to keep organized and on task:

  • morning TO DO lists,
  • a big blackboard (school sized),
  • an app called “Avaza”,
  • organize bank accounts,
  • computer calendars,
  • breaking information down.

Start of day TO DO list

I write a morning list on an A4 notebook. I have tried writing lists out on computer, but doesn’t seem to work as well for me. You may be different. The idea here is to give a full page to write additional notes, etc. I don’t like small notebooks, they seem too small to see the list. Bigger is better.

It’ll start with obvious things, for example:

  • Sleep
  • Breakfast

I tried alternatives and this is the one that works

Edit: These steps will not work on Thunderbird 78 which has disabled certain types of plugin. The necessary plugins do install but can’t be configured.

It definitely works on Thunderbird 68 though.

Download your language version of Thunderbird 68 from the official FTP site

Mailfence is a security-conscious email alternative to the big players such as Google, Microsoft et.al. It protects your messages from prying eyes and sends emails securely.

I’ve had an account with them for a year now and they’re pretty good, and actually fairly cheap for my requirements. …

That was convoluted…

I’ve had a job to try and “harmonise” a bunch of randomly named google accounts for a business I contract to.

We wanted to use NAME@business.com.au to login with.

It has taken quite a few hours and a lot of research to work out that this is, in fact, fairly simple.

We worked under the premise we’d need to create new accounts, from scratch, transfer ownership to these accounts, and then close the originals.

What I didn’t know was while you CANNOT EVER change the Google Username. You CAN change the username you login with.

So, here goes…

Change the login account name in Google

  • Login to…

Greetings from the Couch

Really not a neural network enhanced instabot from the nastiest burrows of the darknet. (also do chai reviews on @melbournechai )

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