Just an FYI in case anyone’s watching; I’m moving all my writing to my own blog:

There’s a few reasons for this which I won’t expand on here.

But suffice to say, the blog is where you’ll find me, and content on Medium is being shifted a page at a time to the new site.

And yes, I know Medium.com has an export function. I’ve used it. It’s rubbish. That’s because it doesn’t just copy the text, it copies all the HTML tags as well, and they’re messy as hell. It also DOES NOT copy images.

AKA Mr. Prosser’s Display Department

Covid-19 has been great for getting lots of background tasks finally sorted out.

I’ve tagged all my music, I’ve cut cardboard and assembled cat scratching posts, I’ve even managed to finally sort out my backups.

Last night I decided I’d perform a Windows reinstall on my Surface Pro 4.

The reinstall went well, and I started reinstalling software.

The creepiness began when I tried logging into my Firefox account.

So, about 2 years ago, I changed all my user names, email addresses and passwords. I’m using BitWarden for password management by the way.

This included my firefox account.

I mention this because every time I completed the login process, the old username appeared. …

How to get out of a contract you didn’t sign

Go back and Read Part One!

The TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) version is this:

  • Adobe support offered 2 months free on the account;
  • Fee-Free Cancellation was only available AFTER one last fee which would be paid in November;
  • The 2 months free offer was time-limited (i.e., Only Available Right Then);
  • I refused the offer and said I’d consult with someone (i.e., ACCC);
  • At which point they were very apologetic and could now cancel the account on the spot. And I have the email to prove it.
Image for post
Image for post
That was a lot of work

This took most of an hour on the support chat to resolve, and they REALLY DON’T WANT the issue publicised via the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC). …


Greetings from the Couch

Really not a neural network enhanced instabot from the nastiest burrows of the darknet. (also do chai reviews on @melbournechai )

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