A salty tale

Over the past few years I’ve experienced moments of dizziness and zone out fairly frequently. It’s been debilitating at times, to the point where I lost the highest paying job client because I was a frigging space-cadet.

I thought it was the ADHD finally pushing through; the symptoms certainly suggested this.

Except a few months ago, I spent the weekend in bed, totally unable to do anything, the zoned-out, tired, dizziness hit a peak. A friend suggested I drink some salty broth to try to replenish and then get to a doctor. Except the broth alone fixed me within about thirty minutes.

This week I’ve had a couple of days eating couscous, and felt amazing afterwards. The recipe calls for a teaspoon of salt.

You can possibly see where this is going.

I had another dizzy space-cadet spell earlier today. I’m out at the always nice Penny Farthing cafe on High Street in Northcote. I had a few grains of salt just to test the hypothesis, and I’m feeling much much better.

So I’ve treated the symptom. Now I need to find the cause. So off to the doctor I go.