Adventures in ADD pt.3 > What was I expecting?

So a couple of months ago, when I started realising my ADD was flaring up, I decided to seek out a support group.

I found one too. They sent out the details and all seemed well.

Note to self: read the whole email.

I saw the photo on the message, thought “I know where that is” and duly cycled down there.

When I got there, I thought to myself “This doesn’t look familiar.”

So I hunted for the email and read again. I read a little further this time, recognised another landmark, and went on my way. I would be perhaps five minutes late.

I duly arrived, locked my bike up and looked around. And I found nothing.

I read a little further. Turned out there was a detail I’d missed. The location wasn’t where I thought it was on the second attempt, that location was the nearest train station. The actual location was another half a kilometre down the road.

So rather annoyed with myself, I unlocked my bike, jumped back on and headed to the third location.

So when I arrived, I found a room full of people. Being out of breath, late and keyed-up from the ride and annoyance with myself, I was already sensitive. This room was full of people with ADD and ADHD so I was flooded.

As the meeting continued, I withdrew into myself. There were people searching for answers, people who knew they had the answers and sat making judgements, there were people on and off drugs, and at times it seemed like bedlam. But again, I was over-sensitive at the time.

I made a hasty retreat at the end and calmed down over a Chai at Babka on Brunswick Street. And as I unwound the past two hours, it occurred to me that sometimes I can be a very disorganised person, over-sensitive, occasionally hyper-focused; I can sometimes be fixed in my thinking and I am sometimes even lacking tact and diplomacy.

So what the hell was I expecting going to a group of similar people?