#adventures in ADHD — organizing

I need organization. I’m not quite at the labelling soap stage, but it’s useful to know where things are.

So rather than browsing the interwebz via a browser, I’ve set up “things I read” and “things I listen to” into logical places. I’m trying to train myself to go to the apps rather than falling down the endless rabbit hole/pit of despair that the internet represents.

Things I read

First, “things I read”. Straight off the bat, I need to stop reading the news. Yes, this may make me less informed, but cut me some slack: the Orange and Red Apocalypse (A.K.A. Donald Trump+Vladimir Putin) is getting me down. And if I see one more article where Peter Dutton or Tony Abbott are doing something spiteful, idiotic or, let’s be honest, opening their mouths and appearing in the news, I’m going to start screaming and never stop.

Seriously, spite and cruelty have NEVER been long-term strategies. Stop it you arseholes!

So no news. Instead I’ve gathered blogs and geek websites (and obviously ADHD sources) together in a single place.

That place is http://feedly.com.

I’ve got a free account because I don’t need the additional stuff, and I don’t need hundreds of sites, just a few core information sources.

The reader apps I’m using are:

  • Newsflow (with the $7 feedly extension) — I’ve tried a few newsreader apps on Windows 10 and Newsflow is BY FAR the easiest, nicest and simplest to use. It’s just lovely. Swipe up to dismiss, organize things simply, nice tiles, nice user interface.
  • Feedly App — on Android this is the most logical approach. It works just fine, and again, the interface is simple and easy to use.

But the bottom line, is there’s a central place to manage everything if I need, or if I add something on an app, it’ll push through the whole system.


Listening is another set of apps and issues.

So I have been a user of the rather good Tunein Radio. The ONLY reason I’m not using it anymore is that the Windows 10 app has advertising. There’s a Mac app which you can buy (Tunein Radio Pro) which costs a small amount which removes the advertising, and I was happy to pay that. Windows has nothing. Nada.

I just refuse to be advertised at. I’ve got ad blockers on my browser (EFF’s Privacy Badger cuts out much of the crap and stops trackers which is good).

In the interim, I was using Grover Podcast, which is a very nice bit of kit, but right now lacks integration, so I was stuck adding things in two places, on my Surface Pro and my Android smartphone.

To solve that problem, I’m now using Pocketcasts. Once again, it’s a central online tool that I can manage podcasts in. Change things there, it pushes out to the devices. So down to the devices:

  • Pocketcasts app — Windows 10 has a dedicated pocketcasts app, which is great. It’s apparently “packaging” the website, but you know what, I don’t care. The interface is good enough and it works.
  • Pocketcasts Android — the obvious choice. Good interface, syncs just fine. I can listen when I like.

I’m almost sure that if I stop listening on one device, I can continue on another. I’ve yet to test this right now so may be wrong.

So bottom line, now I’m here: I’m feeling a lot happier and relaxed. There’s less to think about and get twitchy. I’ve found a way to organise things in a way that works for my needs.