Adventures in Attention Deficit Disorder pt.1

So, my Attention Deficit Disorder has flared up recently (well, probably over the past 2–3 years) and I’ve only just noticed.

So one way I use to get around the forgetfulness and general distractibility is to write lists. Lots of lists.

I usually sit in bed in the morning with a cuppa and dutifully write things out. Seems to work well.

So as I’m a computer geek, I thought I might see about finding an electronic organiser for myself.

Microsoft Outlook has email, tasks, a calendar and a bunch of other features which might work.

And, I’m not going there. Why? Because I work with MS products (and Outlook in particular) in my tech support job. And it’s a horribly over-complex, over-engineered piece of lickspittle which just makes life difficult.

So onto other things.

I’ve tried Evernote four times and didn’t really like the interface. And baulked at paying an annual fee for it.

My next stop is Google. My mail is with these guys, so why not just stick with what I know. Yes, they’re “evil” and are harvesting everything I do (and have been since 2008), but I’m relatively secure in the fact that they’re the only people who know about me, and my online life has joined the electronic gestalt of the thousands of others who use the service.

Where was I?

Yes, Google Calendar has “Tasks” (but you’ve got to right-click the “Reminders” option in the calendar to turn it into that).

I can add tasks to days, or in a general bucket.

And it seems to work okay.

My only problem with this is that there’s no more room on the page. I’d like to be able to expand the view to see more, or get more detail.

I’ve just accidentally found a way to get that, a full screen tasks page. But again, it’s hidden. I google searched for it and found an odd URL which I tried:

And yet, it’s a visually unsatisfying interface. And cuts me off from the calendar.

Google Keep seems nice enough; it has iOS apps and can run in my browser. So I’ll give that a go and see what happens.