#AdventuresInADHD — public places

As an introverted writer who also happens to be a human being, I do need social contact from time to time. And for that I go to cafes where I can get a nice Chai, sit with headphones on and studiously ignore the world whilst appearing to be a part of it.

For the most part, I get a lot done on these visits to the world, editing The Tome (9 years, 4 total rewrites, 1 Final Version and counting).

Today though I’m feeling sensitive to the world.

Take the table beside me. There’s a small child who is talking ten to the dozen and Just Won’t Stop. This is why I could never be a parent (other than not having a partner, inclination to reproduce, etc, etc). I get overwhelmed by things so easily. My sensitivity to stimuli is on permanent DEFCON TWO, I’m like a startled cat:

From https://gfycat.com/impartialrecentichidna

FYI, apparently cats are easily startled because they’re both predator and prey animals; they have to be on the lookout for things that could also eat them.

I digress though.

To summarize, I’m particularly sensitive to stimuli, touch, sound and emotion. It can be useful sometimes because I can sense how people around me are feeling, but mainly it’s a real pain because I’m consistently overwhelmed; the ongoing discussion at another table, clinking glasses behind me as a staff member cleans off a table, doors slamming. And this isn’t just “Oh! What was that noise?’, it’s more Arthur Dent seeing a Vogon Constructor Ship for the first time: ‘WHAT THE HELL’S THAT?’ together with a physical reaction.

Some days are better than others though, which may point to cause and effect, over sleeping or under sleeping, what I had for dinner or breakfast, exercise or lack of it. It’s a detective story which is good because I like those. I’m not exactly Philip Marlowe though.