Another day in paradise

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I’m still hunting the snark, my imaginary perfect communication system that gets my data off business sites like the All Powerful Google.

The concept is simple: I want an invitation only communication system that’s platform agnostic; I write a message, and choose the recipient, and it doesn’t matter if they’re on email, fakebook, IRC, ICQ or any other alphabet soup system. It’ll get through.

And if there’s no email address to speak of, spammers can’t hit me where it hurts.

The main issue is that any search on what I’m looking for invariably throws up SALES, MARKETING, and related stuff; there’s even been a job description “communications management” which I didn’t see coming.

When the search has worked, I’ve found a few apps that are *almost* there; give it a year and they’ll be perfect. Give it 5 and I predict Fakebook will need to start looking more carefully at their business model. The trouble is many expect the other user to sign up to the same system. Which in many cases means communications will be more secure (yay!) but in practice isn’t going to happen. There’s just too many ways of saying “hello” and “where’s the keys?” to bother with YABCS (Yet Another Bloody Communication System).

Reminds me of the XKCD cartoon on standards

Tim Berners Lee is working on Solid which looks like it’ll tear a few walls down in the “your information is actually ours” stakes that Google and Facebook and others have built their billions on. But I’d say it’s 5 years off going live at best.

I’ve tried Monica, but it was more about managing contact information, not communicating (although there is an SMTP reminder system built-in).

Matrix is the latest one, and I passed over it a couple of weeks ago. However, it does “appear” to do what I want. Let’s see.

Procastinimication (AKA, chapter 8)

Chapter 8 is slowly coming together. It’s suffering the same issue as chapter 7: there’s nothing wrong with it, BUT there’s something missing. I think I’ve identified what it is and will put together the new scene this week.

In theory.

I’ve also realized why while I enjoy the music of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Barry Adamson, I can’t write to it. I think it’s because the songs of both have stories behind them, which I listen to rather than concentrating on my own story (almost 10 years running!).

On the other hand, I can (and have) written thousands of words to Portishead and Powderfinger and various soundtracks.

Oh and Chai. Don’t forget the Chai.